The fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be is first to discover who you really are versus who you are not.

Many of us are walking around in an unconscious state of habitual behaviour. If you want a life of fulfillment and happiness you must intentionally and consciously become aware so that you can create it. Aware of who you really are – and who you are not.

It is easy for us to be trapped in an idea (or old belief) of who we think we are as a result of past experience, or more specially the meaning we gave that experience. Like a Chinese handcuff, it keeps us trapped. The more you try and resist or try to control it, the stronger the trap becomes.

The way out of a Chinese handcuff, or any unwanted emotional experience, always feels counter-intuitive. You have to be willing to let go of the control that has you trapped and instead surrender to it. Becoming curious about the situation allows you to receive the clarity that ultimately sets you free.

Want to feel freedom? Become aware. Become curious. Become conscious.
You have the solution. You have the power. You just have to decide you deserve it.

Have a great day, being fully awake and present.
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