You might have decided it is time for a change but sometimes we don’t feel like doing the things that move us closer towards our goals.

You might have just gone back to work after what seemed like a too short of a break and just not in the mood for a workout, even though you really want to get strong. You may have been overeating at social situations, even though you have a fat loss goal in mind.

That is part of being human.

You are not “broken”, you aren’t lacking motivation and you don’t need more willpower. Making changes has little with you being “weak” and much more to do with your psychological and physiological drives.

We are always motivated to do something but whether these behaviours bring us closer to our goals or not is another matter. Understanding motivation can help us understand why we do one thing even when we really want to do something else.

If you’re struggling to make a change, the amount of motivation you have might not be the issue. It could have a lot more to do with the type of motivation you have and the reasons you want to change.

To help find stronger sources of motivation, you can ask yourself why this change is really important to you and keep asking until it is really clear. This is a very powerful source of motivation.

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