Why is what and how we think important for health?

Having the right mindset is your most powerful tool for achieving any goal. This is particularly true when trying to achieve lifelong healthy dietary habits. It’s the power of positive thinking. When your brain tells you that you are doing something good for yourself, your body responds. By changing the way you think, not only about food and exercise but also about how you feel towards these, will make a huge difference in helping you achieve the changes you desire. Rather than thinking “I am depriving myself” turn it to “I am building a better, stronger, healthier body”

Here are some tips to help you activate YOUR own superpower of positive thinking:

  1. Meditation
  2. Daily affirmations
  3. Make a list of the reasons that you want to make a change
  4. Write down all the benefits you are looking for a and then read your list every single day
  5. Take the time to eat consciously
  6. Train yourself to think of your healthy food and exercise as a gift

Your brain is the most powerful organ of your body in helping you to exercise more and make smarter food choices.

Task this week:

Pick one of the things above to include in your week.

Let me know how you go ?

– Denise.

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