Changing Our Thinking Through Actions

Our efforts to understand how and why we think the way we do usually begins with questions. How do we develop into the kind of person we ultimately become? How do we learn to think, reason, create and understand as we do? To what degree are we the product of our genetic factors or of our environment?

There are many different theories that seek to answer these questions from slightly different perspectives but all attempt to understand individual experiences and behaviours. Going into the depths of all that here is outside the scope of Complete ME PT but it certainly does bring me back to my Psychology studies nearly 30 years ago!

Simplifying things dramatically here, we know that our brain is constantly changing in response to our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, our physical environment, our social and our cultural environment. So if we learn how to control these we can change our brain.

In today’s blog we will take a look at ACTIONS.

According to the Macquarie Dictionary, an action is defined as “the process or state of acting or of being active, manner of moving, habitual or usual acts; conduct”. It is essentially all the things you do and how you behave, all the routines and habits that make up your daily life, like sleeping, eating, exercising, working and socialising.

If we want to change our brain we could change our actions. For example, if you start exercising, it not only affects your body, by improving your appearance but it also affects your brain due to the hormones (adrenaline and other feel-good chemicals). The longer these changes are sustained, the more sustained the changes in the brain.

However, actions are also influenced by the other factors of emotions, thoughts and/or the environment. So if we wanted to get more “bang for our buck” we would be wise to try to change some of the other factors and as a result of this, our actions will change too.

Next blog will look at how we might be able to do this.

Weekly task:

Think about your actions and what might be motivating them?

Let me know how you go ?

– Denise.

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