What Have Others Said About the FeelGood Programs?

My clients regularly achieve major improvements in energy levels, body shape and an overall zest for life they never thought possible.

“I think the FeelGood Momentum Program helped me a lot with my technique and I am now able to do the moves at home and benefit from them properly. It also helped my fitness and definitely improved my energy levels.”

Kaity G

“I have loved the convenience of working through a program that targeted so many areas of training, in a much shorter time frame that what I was getting at the physiotherapist and myotherapist combined. It has definitely been a worthwhile experience.” 

Wendy B

“The 12 week FeelGood Challenge helped me become stronger and move with less pain. I was surprised at my new energy levels and can think so much more clearly!”

Rosie L

What I know from working with women just like you is that with the right knowledge and support you can understand your body and get the results you are after.

Stop being the victim and take control of your thinking, movement and nutrition to live the life you want and do the things that bring you joy.

Like the following women who recently completed the FEELGOOD Challenge said:

“I feel like a new woman with so much more energy that I never thought possible. The skills I have learned during the program have helped me stay healthy and in charge of my eating habits even after finishing the program. It has been a very worthwhile experience!”


“The amount of knowledge and skills I have gained since doing the FeelGood Challenge has been really unexpected! I thought the program might be like all the other“cookie cutter” programs out there but it was completely the opposite. For the first time  in 10 years I can wear one of my favourite rings since the inflammation in my fingers  is almost completely gone. The eczema that I have had on my skin for the last 15  years has actually gone! My anxiety has decreased and I have found a new love for  walking and being outdoors. The FeelGood Challenge has significantly changed my life! Thank you so much Denise”.

Lynne M.

“Since finishing the FeelGood Challenge I am much more aware of what I am eating and I feel myself looking forward to eating good food. The best thing is I have made the commitment to myself and enjoyed the journey with an awesome person, YOU, to work with me. I found you to be extremely knowledgeable. I learnt more about breathing techniques, looking and listening to all parts of my body, including head, heart and body. I feel strong and confident and I listen to my body now much more than before. I loved the amount of information you were able to provide and the different parts of the challenge that came through each week. Thanks Denise. You have been amazing and have helped me find the drive and confidence to look after myself for now and into the future.”


“Since working with Denise on the challenge I have lost 5 kilos. My husband can’t keep  his hands off me! I feel amazing. My IBS symptoms have dramatically improved and my eating habits have changed significantly. I have formed a completely different attitude towards food and really notice what different foods do to my energy levels and  my gut comfort. I have so much more energy and my sleeping has improved greatly. Thank you so much!”

Timara T.

“I am 67 years old and have done a lot of different fitness programs in the past. I have never quite seen a program as extensive as this one. The amount of information and detail in this comprehensive program makes it completely holistic. I was very impressed.” Linden S.

“Since doing the 12 week FeelGood Challenge with Denise I have lost weight and feel more energetic. My golf has improved significantly and I am moving much better. I have formed a new and exciting relationship with food and myself and I am more aware of how my behaviours affect my results. I have been really surprised at my success because programs usually don’t work for me but the accountability and seeing Denise on a regular basis has really helped to keep me on track with achieving my goals. I would recommend this challenge to anyone who wanted to improve their life.”
Narelle A.

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