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Is your body getting all of the Nitric Oxide (NO) it needs for optimal mental and physical performance?

While you cannot live without NO, it does not remain in your body for long periods of time before you need to replenish it. After thousands of studies, the medical and science communities have discovered a way to help you get an adequate daily supply of NO that will last for many hours at a time. And that discovery is now available exclusively in Kyani Nitro FX and Kyani Nitro Xtreme.

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What is Kyani Nitro Xtreme?

The researchers discovered that your body is able to produce an organic NO compound when you consume Noni fruit juice. Noni is a fruit, rich in antioxidants, that grows in tropical regions. The pale green and white fruit is not much to look at, but it possesses a whole host of positive properties that include inflammatory pain relievers, antibacterial activities to treat infections, and assistance in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Both Kyani Nitro FX and Kyani Nitro Xtreme contain a proprietary blend of concentrated Noni that maximises the positive impact of NO when consumed. Every system within your body benefits from NO by improving cardiovascular health, aiding the natural healing process, supporting a healthy digestive tract and fat burning function, promoting lung performance, encouraging good blood sugar levels, and maintaining mental clarity. In short, NO is praised by scientists and physicians as a strong, health-promoting molecule. With so many wonderful attributes, it’s no surprise that once someone tries a Kyani Nitro product, they want to continue receiving the wellness benefits it offers.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme helps everyone from stay at home parents, students, business personnel, and athletes, to retirees and seniors. It works to increase the body’s natural production of NO and it assists the body’s ability to repair, defend, and maintain every human cell.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme and FX

How Does Nitro Xtreme Differ from Nitro FX?

Kyani Nitro Xtreme builds upon the Kyani Nitro FX foundation while adding more NO and 5 additional ingredients. Kyani Nitro Xtreme is 3 and a half times stronger than Kyani Nitro FX and is for those more demanding activities when you’ll want to increase energy, mental clarity, and physical stamina. The added components, and their benefits, are:

  • CoQ10 – An anti-oxidant compound that supports 95% of your body’s energy and encourages normal blood flow and cardiovascular health.
  • Magnesium – A mineral that aids in the conversion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and sugars into energy. It also supports the ability of your muscles to relax and contract.
  • Zinc – A trace element that helps maintain your immune system, energy metabolism, brain function, blood sugar levels, and healing capabilities.
  • Chromium – A mineral that supports your healthy blood sugar levels, your immune system, your lean body mass, and your heart health.
  • Niacin – This is Vitamin B3 and is required for overall good health. It converts carbohydrates and fat into energy, and it supports your heart health, your digestive tract, and your nervous system.

How Do You Consume Nitro Xtreme?

One serving size of either Kyani Nitro FX or Kyani Nitro Xtreme is 20 drops (1ml). It is taken once in the morning and once in the afternoon for optimal nutritional value throughout the day. The concentrated Noni liquid has a strong flavour that can be diluted with water or other juices.


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