Do you ever go out in public and feel like people are looking at you, judging and criticising you? Do you feel like you are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, rich enough?

I have certainly felt like that and it does not feel good.

What I have come to learn is that for me to feel good I needed to take a good hard look at what my internal beliefs about myself were.  The uncomfortable truth was that I was the one judging myself and because of this I believed that others were also judging me.

Unfortunately, this belief became a reflection of what I projected onto others. This caused me to think that what I believed about myself was what others were thinking about me. But this of course, is not true. How could I assume what others were thinking??

The way we see the world is completely dependent on the way we see ourselves.

It actually becomes what is happening in “our world” rather than what is happening in “the world”.  If I wanted to view things differently, I needed to view myself differently.

It was time for a change.

I needed to look internally, and not externally, for the solutions.

If you want to feel good, it is not the next fad diet or quick fix pill that provides the answer.  It is your what you think, feel and believe that provides the answer to your “problems”.  Your mindset is the way you see and talk to yourself based on your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Think about how you are seeing situations in your world.

Are your assumptions of the events real or imagined?

Most of the time, the thoughts we have are based on untruths. Instead, see what is real or, if you are going to believe in something that is potentially a lie, choose a better lie. Choose to believe in something that serves you. What we tell ourselves is what we come to believe.

What self talk are you listening to day after day? Can you change it to serve you better?

Mindset is a major component of my Feelgood 12 Week Challenge.

If you are after a sustainable solution once and for all that frees you up to live the life you want in the body you love, I can help you. Join the other awesome members of the FeelGood family and get the support you need.


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