You want to reduce body fat? Gain muscle? Feel better? Have more energy? Improve your concentration? Improve your sleep?

But you have tried before, unsuccessfully, or maybe even successfully but it wasn’t sustained. Well, that’s because the struggle is real… change is hard. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

A big motivator for change is to ask yourself why and then once you have done that ask yourself again and again until you get right down to the bottom of it and can really understand the reason for it.

This is where nutrition and mindset may start to blend into one another and it becomes clear that all of the pillars of health are important to the final outcome.

The FeelGood philosophy is to facilitate and support change by guiding you towards doing something different and better while taking all of these aspects into account.

Establishing your goals and examining your nutrition habits helps you build understanding and together we can plan and strategize ways to take action.

Often, in the beginning, this can feel overwhelming but by breaking the task up into smaller doable parts you are able to conquer one thing at a time and move on to really impressive changes gradually.

Weekly Task:

Write down what it is you would like to change. Write down why you want this and then look at that answer. Ask yourself why you want that and write down the answer. Look at that answer and ask yourself again why you want that?

Is the why becoming clearer for you??

Let me know how you go ?

– Denise.

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