Everyone experiences feeling disempowered and out of control at times. When our perceived safety is challenged it is natural to feel low, unworthy or that we don’t know or have enough.  Keeping us safe is our brain’s number one priority.

This impacts how we show up in the world. It makes us feel heavy, sluggish, tired and unmotivated. It is hard for us to be the person we really desire to be when we feel lethargic and uninspired.

The good news is that you can feel alive, inspired and motivated when you know how.  Move from disempowered to empowered by answering these 5 probing questions:

1. What what area of your life do you feel disempowered in?

You may feel like there is more than one area but usually we consistently have one area of life that is falling behind the others. Give yourself time to work on all the areas that you would like to improve, but for now work on one at a time. What is that one for you?


2. What challenge are you experiencing with this that is causing you to feel disempowered?

Think about how your life, behaviour, relationships, progress, productivity, anything and everything else is being disrupted. What difficulties are you having because of this?


3. What meaning are you giving that situation?

How we feel about something results from the meaning we have given an experience. Can you consider another perspective on your current situation that creates a neutral or positive feeling about it rather than a negative feeling?


4. Can you create a new empowering decision about your situation?

Reframing what we think we believe to another perspective allows us to be open to other possibilies. How can you reframe your situation that moves you away from feeling fearful, restricted or limited by it. (Hint: What would be the opposite thing to believe about your situation?) eg “Losing weight is hard and uncomfortable” becomes “losing weight is easy and enjoyable”.


5. Where can you find evidence of your new belief?

Keep repeating your new idea and look for examples as evidence of it in your life. This will help to strengthen your new thought and replace the old disempowering one, which no longer serves you.  You may like to look at an area of your life where you already feel empowered. Tap into how that feels and aim for that feeling in the other areas that you wish to transform.


Now it is up to you. You have the tools you need to change your life around. It can be as easy as aiming to just feel good. It is all about creating that positive energy that will then flow into all areas of your life.


You have the power and the solution, right there inside of you.  You just need to tap into it and then you will become unstoppable.

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