How to Feel Good at 40, 50, and Beyond!

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12 Week Challenge

For many women over 45, health and fitness can feel like a real challenge.

Perhaps you are facing menopause and you worry you’ll never feel good again. You might notice more aches and pains than before, lack of energy or motivation, or you may struggle to maintain a healthy weight. For some, brain fog or lack of self-confidence are major issues.

It doesn’t help that you are busy. When you get caught up in everyday life, you don’t have time to research the right way to attain holistic health and wellbeing. You might even fall into the trap of trying fad diets, supplements or other methods that promise you the world – but fail to deliver.
The truth is, you need to shift your focus. You CAN feel good with the right guidance on mindset, movement and nutrition.

For Women Over 45 Who Want to Feel Good again


Are you struggling with unwanted weight gain and a lack of confidence?


Are you noticing aches, pains, digestive discomfort, bloating or brain fog?


Do you feel tired, or feel less energetic than you did 10 or 20 years ago?


Are your eating habits letting you down, or do you struggle to find exercise that you enjoy?


Are you a busy woman dealing with perimenopausal issues?


Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy a better sense of wellbeing?

If you answered yes to any – or all! – of these questions then my 12 Week Feelgood Challenge could be for you.

Book a 30 minute consult with me to work out what you personally need in a coach and exactly where you need to focus to get the results YOU want.

Introducing the Denise Mokadsi
12 Week FeelGood Challenge

Feel empowered, reconnect with the real you and gain control of your mind, body and health.

Feel energised, confident, stronger, fitter and healthier!
Transform your life and become vibrant, healthy and happy. Face each new day with a smile.

What to Expect

If you decide the Challenge is right for you, here’s what you get:


One to one support from me, Denise Mokadsi.


I am a Feelgood Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and I have real experience of the struggles faced by women who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Challenge is a tailored, supportive 12 week coaching program for women over 45.

With mindset, movement and nutrition coaching, personalised plans, daily guidance and support, you can optimise your energy levels, self-confidence and how you spend your day.

Want to find out more?

Unleash the power and beauty within you.

It’s easier than you think!


 Hi, I’m Denise Mokadsi

When I worked as a registered nurse I noticed that people often take a reactive approach to health and wellness rather than a proactive stance.

It was only when people run into health issues that they decide to implement healthier habits. But as a scientist, personal trainer and nutrition coach, I know that it is much better to prevent illness and disease rather than try to cure it.

I learned this the hard way when my son was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) at the age of 10. I went on a quest to find out how I could help him to feel as well as possible. I learned that a healthy lifestyle is more than just the food we eat and the amount of exercise we do. AND that we are all different.

As a wife and mum to two boys, I know what it’s like having to divide yourself multiple ways, while striving to find the time to look after yourself as well. I also know that it is possible to feel good, even when menopause threatens to derail everything. 

I developed my 12 Week FeelGood Challenge to do just that – help people live a healthier life. I focus on women over 45 because I am particularly interested in how I can help them address the issues and challenges they experience. 

However, you may need to examine your priorities, values and beliefs, and learn to adapt your mindset. Then, when you learn the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition, you can achieve anything what you want.


If you are prepared to do the mind work, you can feel amazing!

What You Get From the Challenge

As well as guidance and encouragement from me, when you enrol on my Program, you get:



12 weeks of daily FEEL GOOD content including mindset, exercise and nutrition coaching


Full assessment and personality profiling


Weekly nutritional coaching and personalised plans


Weekly home, outdoor or gym workout programs (More than 40 options to choose from) including exercise descriptions and instructions

How My Program Can Transform Your Life

When you join the Program, you learn about diet and exercise, but just as importantly, you learn about the changes you need to make to your mindset.

Only by adapting your way of thinking can you live the lifestyle you need for better health and well-being.

And that’s where I can help you.


Denise would love to hear from you to discuss your specific needs.

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Benefits of the Denise Mokadsi Feelgood Program?

When you follow the Program, you can expect improvements in:


Energy levels and focus


Self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence


Body composition and weight management


Eating and sleeping habits


Strength, fitness and mobility


Stress and pain management


Immunity and recovery

What I Can Do For You

Women can, and should, feel good whatever their age and stage of life.

But they might need to make some changes to achieve the holistic wellbeing they deserve.

My personalised FeelGood Program will empower you to reconnect with who you are and how you want to feel.

The Benefits


Improved body composition and weight management


Increased energy levels and focus


Improved self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence


Improved eating and sleeping habits

Your Payment Options

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$149 (per week)


$1599 (up front)


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