If you are trying to lose body fat, chances are you are needing to implement some lifestyle changes. Changes can be hard because doing things differently is unfamiliar and requires effort. We often let our past failures or disappointments prevent us from getting the weight loss that results in the healthy, energetic and fun-filled life we have always wanted.

Overcoming the negativity from your past and the expectations of others, can be challenging.

Here are 5 ways you can break free from some of your self-imposed limiting beliefs:

1. Try a different strategy

Don’t allow the past to define and trap you. Just because you have tried other ways of losing weight and didn’t get the results you wanted, it doesn’t mean it will happen now. Instead, use your past experiences to learn valuable lessons – it just means the previous strategy was not the one to bring you the desired result.

2. Re-educate yourself with accurate information

Don’t allow the incorrect information you have heard about weight loss distract you. You may have inadvertently learned how to avoid the eating behaviours that are actually good for you. Learn how to engage in behaviours that serve you.

3. Make a new empowering decision

Decisions are just choices. Pick one that serves you. What is the next best thing you can do that makes you feel good? We make better decisions when we feel good, so move to a state of being where you feel good. Both of these help to drive productive action.

4. Use repetition to strengthen your new thinking and behaviour

Old habits are ingrained strongly and deeply into our conscious and subconscious mind. To rewire new behaviours and new thoughts, you need to make them familiar and let the old ones fade away. Keep repeating things to make the unfamiliar, familiar (and the old familiar ones, unfamiliar).

5. Be patient

Change takes time. Enjoy the process and stay curious along the way. Focus on feeling good throughout the journey and it will help to change your thinking.

And there is always help out there for you, you do not have to do it alone. I would love to help you, which is why I created my FeelGood 12 Week Challenge. Instead of repeating the same thing and getting the same results, try a new strategy and get a new result.

There is a solution and it is easier than you think.

Reach out at any time.


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