I hope your workout routine is going strong. Remember that exercise has a substantial benefit in the improvement of anxiety, depression, body strength and physical composition not to mention your immunity.

Proper exercise at home can be extremely effective at this time. Imagine using the next month to improve your mobility so that when the gyms do actually reopen you will be able to go back as strong (maybe stronger) but more importantly able to move better to help you achieve better results in the future!

Many of us may be finding we have more spare time at home at the moment so why not use it to your advantage and use exercise to lift your physical and emotional state.

Many of us however may be falling into the trap of moving from bed to the computer to the kitchen to the computer to the kitchen to the couch and then back to bed….sound familiar??

I encourage you to structure your day with intentional exercise/movement throughout it. You may like to block 30-60 minutes out for your training or you may find breaking it up into 2 or 3 smaller blocks more desirable. You have heard it before…..if you fail to plan, plan to fail. So plan it into your day.

When you exercise you will get a boost of feel good hormones and your day will become more productive. If you have worked out “right” you will feel energised and focused, not completely smashed, exhausted and drained.

When you work out daily in the right way (with varied intensities and duration) you are going to feel amazing and you will be ready to come back to the gym well “primed” and in peak condition to avoid injury and achieve better gains.

The home work out plan should be written in a way that trains your body effectively and optimally. There are a lot of workouts you can follow online but many of them have been designed poorly and focus on “entertaining” because without equipment they feel they need to get creative to make them interesting BUT the reality is they need to be structured with optimal results in mind and not just entertainment. Well, that is if you want to actually build a body that functions optimally. If you just want entertainment then that’s fine too but don’t expect to come out of quarantine moving better, looking better and feeling better.

If you want an effective program written by someone who understands tempo, tension, intention, programming, rest times, types of training and maximising results then let me help you.

An effective workout is not about sweating, getting sore and breathe really hard. You can achieve that with several minutes of jumping jacks but that won’t be an effective workout.

Some tips for you to maximise your home workout include the following:

  1. Place a special emphasis on mobility exercises during this time. Mobility exercises are aimed at improving your range of motion while maintaining stability and control. These do not require any equipment and help to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, a full range of motion, done properly with stability and control, will translate to more effective movement and greater gains. These exercises are best done frequently and do not have to take a long time to do.
  2. Use static tension positions (isometric training). Create as much tension as you can throughout your body to build muscle and strength. In addition there is a much lower injury rate with isometric training and it helps you really connect with your central nervous system and develop great stability.
  3. Increase tension in the muscle by changing the tempo of your repetitions. By slowing down the movement you are increasing the time under tension and the exercise becomes much harder. In addition you can increase tension by thinking about creating tension in all the body muscles during the movement (intention of tension)
  4. Vary the workout type (circuit training, aerobic conditioning, anaerobic calorie burn, mobility)
  5. Focus on your limitations to improve them and then strengthen the new movement patterns

Hope that helps.

Stay structured and disciplined (which is more important than motivation) because consistency is what is going to bring the results. This is where a couple of short exercise bursts throughout the day may be more manageable than finding an hour block somewhere.  Be kind to yourself. Every minute is an opportunity. Do what you can.

I am happy to keep you accountable ? just send me a message.

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