Get ready to start your FREE 5 DAY Challenge to Feel Good.

Combining mindset, movement and nutrition is the secret to living a healthy and happy life and in just 5 days you will learn valuable lessons and tips to help you do just that!

The best project you will ever work on is YOURSELF.

Do you wish you could just FEEL GOOD?

So many women over 45 feel like their body just doesn’t cooperate with them anymore.

The answer isn’t exercising more and eating less. In order to perform with abundant energy and vitality, in a body you love, you must take a new approach.

If you are sick of the roller coaster ride of emotions, weight and energy fluctuations, ineffective diets and not being able to move the way you want to, then this project is for you.

It is time to unlock your success!

What is the 5-Day Challenge?

This 5 Day Challenge is a pocket-sized preview of the FeelGood 12 Week Challenge

– and an introduction to get to know me and my approach to lifestyle transformation before you decide to sign up for the full program.

I created this little mini challenge to help you focus on YOU, to remind ourselves of the importance of mindset to feel empowered and happy, of effective movement to feel mobile and pain free, and healthy nutrition to feel nourished and energized.

All of these add up to making us FeelGood and optimise health!

I’ll show you how to:

Align your mind with your body by getting clear on what you really want

Learn how to move in a way that reconnects you to your body

Eliminate fatigue that is preventing you from performing at your highest level

Understand how to live powerfully to take control of your body and your life

Learn how to apply a holistic approach to your health and well-being

But I know it’s not easy. That’s why I will be with you every step of the way to nurture a positive attitude towards yourself, your potential and how you feel about fitness.

You may even surprise yourself and come to enjoy exercise!

What will it involve?


  Instructions for the day’s challenge topic via email

  Access to the FeelGood online system

  Opportunity to join a supportive Facebook group of other like-minded doers to keep you motivated

  Opportunity to ask me any questions you need

Get mindset reset tools because the first step in change begins with the mind.

Get High and Low intensity workouts, flexibility and mobility flows to improve movement and decrease pain. Work to your own effort in the best way you can.

Ditch the ‘diet mentality’ and eat for health with my nutrition tips.

Want to know more?

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