The food we eat throughout the day provides the energy we need to carry out our daily tasks.

At rest, the muscles use about 30% of this total energy but during exercise it is as high as 90%.

Therefore it is important to fuel our body appropriately to optimise energy production so we can perform at our best.

It can be confusing knowing what to eat and when with so much information “out there”.  In my experience, it is not that people fail diets, but rather diets fail people.  Most diets come with rules and complexities that make us feel inadequate when we cannot follow them perfectly. Understanding how our body uses energy from food is essential in achieving the results you are aiming for, without the hassle and the guilt.

You know your body best

Listening to “so called experts” might seem to provide the answers you are looking for but unless they are talking directly to you, or know YOUR situation, the suggestions that you are following may not actually be right for YOU. Every BODY is different and unique. Your individual lifestyle and environment will influence the genes that you were born with in very different ways to someone else (even if the genes are the same, in the case of identical twins), resulting in a completely different expression of those genes.

Understand your body

Taking online courses for nutrition or further education, like that with my FeelGood 12 Week Challenge, can help you gain the knowledge you need to make healthy and appropriate dietary choices that will benefit your situation, your workouts, your results and how you feel.

The FeelGood 12 Week Challenge will help you personalise how you fuel your workouts for success by incorporating other factors that could impact nutrition. For example, the quality of your sleep, your stage of life, the climate in which you live, and the amount of stress you are experiencing, can all affect how well your metabolism is working.

Hormones influence us differently

Hormones play a massive role in how we metabolise food.  Consuming foods that are too high in sugar will affect your hormones, gut, mood and sleep patterns. Not eating foods in the right combinations, right amounts, right times and right frequencies can also impact your results by negatively impacting your hormones. Different body types have different dominating hormones and understanding this is particularly useful when personalising the way in which you fuel YOUR body.

It is important to take a comprehensive holistic overall approach to help identify lifestyle habits that could benefit from adjustments and help to put you in a state of empowerment.

What’s your goal?

To determine what type of dietary habits or methods you should be using and what changes are needed, you will first need to identify what your fitness or personal health goal is.

Different goals require different styles of diets.

Optimising success and personal growth is made so much easier with the right coach to direct you on the right path.  A great way to achieve success, and autonomy, is by working out the best ways to fuel your body for your best performance, whatever that may be, and finding achievable, sustainable ways to implement the strategies.

My FeelGood 12 Week Challenge is all about helping you do exactly that.



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