Having coached many women over the years who wanted to lose unwanted body fat…

…I have seen time and time again that even when diets are changed and exercise routines are commenced unless the chronic stress that many of them are experiencing is addressed, weight loss is nearly impossible.

Unfortunately many women I speak to aren’t even aware of the state of survival they are living – the day to day rushing, pressure & tension has become a new ‘normal’ for them and they may even deny being stressed.

Chronic stress acts a barrier to our internal systems focused on healing, recovery and optimisation. Simply, the sympathetic fight/flight response that comes with living in a survival state stops our body functioning optimally & contributes to further decline.

Addressing this means to shift to a parasympathetic rest & digest state, and when this happens the perfect environment for healing is provided. The body is better equipped with getting the right nutrients from the foods we eat. It has the opportunity to detoxify & restore balance.

We need to remember that our body is working for us & wants to be healthy. We just need to provide the right environment for this to happen.

Addressing stress & how we are approaching life can be the BEST treatment and a sure way of improving longevity & health in years to come.

I invite you to be open to it looking at your life and how you are really feeling throughout the day. The best food here is food for though. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and notice what your body is trying to tell you. It is an empowering position to be in.

My FeelGood Nutrition Program can help you learn how to eat in a way that is suitable and sustainable to you and your lifestyle. If this sounds like what you need, simply get in touch for more information. 

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