Stop the fat loss struggle!

feel good again in just 12 weeks

You haven’t been doing anything wrong and your body isn’t sabotaging you, you just need a personalised solution that is right for YOU!

It is time to understand YOUR body and get the results you desire to feel good for life. The Denise Mokadsi FeelGood 12 Week Challenge can help you get there.


Denise would love to hear from you to discuss your specific needs.

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Feeling good can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be.

Having someone by your side to guide you and accompany you on this journey..

Is what I do best. 


Hi, I’m Denise Mokadsi

And I am ALL IN this with you. Fitness isn’t my 24-hour obsession – helping people just like you achieve their goals is. And I also understand that it takes a holistic and personalised approach to get the most effective results. Let’s use that to YOUR advantage – I want to help you, I can help you. You are not alone.

Most of us want it all: more energy, more confidence, more control and a smaller waistline. But you’ve tried and it is frustrating and difficult! It’s time for a new approach. It’s about finally feeling energised in a body you love.

You deserve to be healthy and happy and I would love to help you get there. That’s why I’ve developed a unique 12 week program – to encourage women of any fitness level to actively reconnect with who they want to be and stay there!


this is for you if…

You are completely frustrated

You have tried everything and nothing seems to work

You don't have energy to do the things you want to do

You have joint pain and cannot move as you want to

You keep gaining weight year after year

You can't think clearly

You have digestive discomfort and bloating

You hide away, lack confidence and sometimes feel down or worthless

 Do you feel happy when you look in the mirror, happy on the inside and out?

Isn’t it time you felt good? Time to focus on YOU

Let’s do this together!



Denise would love to hear from you to discuss your specific needs.

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What is the Denise Mokadsi Feelgood 12 Week Challenge?

12 week Online and Face-To-Face Tailored Health Improvement Program

Daily Guidance and Support to Facilitate Behaviour Change

Personalised Mindset, Exercise and Nutrition Coaching

This Is For You if…

…You are ready to focus on solutions and not problems.


It all starts at day one. Today!

It’s time for a different approach.

Sign up for the 12 week Challenge and you’ll immediately be supported by me and connected with my Private Facebook Group.  Get started with useful tips that will get you in the mood before the Challenge starts.

Get nutrition tips on how to get results TWICE as fast as with exercise alone

Get mind hacks that teach you how to turn your commitment into a permanent state

Get a weekly fitness challenge to encourage you to STEP IT UP

This is different to other programs out there.

Because You’ve Got Me!

The 12 Week FeelGood Challenge

Presented by your FeelGood Coach
– Denise Mokadsi


12 weeks of daily FEEL GOOD content including mindset, exercise and nutrition coaching

Weekly 1:1 Personal Training

Weekly mindset coaching and motivational tips

Weekly nutritional coaching and personalised plans

Weekly group coaching check-ins

24/7 guidance and support

Access to online events, challenges, workouts, videos, guest speakers, education and more

Private VIP Group Membership

Further tools, equipment, supplements and techniques given as necessary

Weekly home, outdoor or gym workout programs (More than 40 options to choose from) including exercise descriptions, instructions and videos

The Benefits

Improved body composition and weight management

Increased energy levels and focus

Improved self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence

Improved eating and sleeping habits

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Denise would love to hear from you to discuss your specific needs.

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