FeelGood 4 Week Momentum

Reconnect with the real you and get a new lease on life in 4 weeks.

This 4 week package is designed to get your FeelGood journey started so you can begin the process of gaining control of your mind and body once and for all.

The FeelGood Momentum course will help you:

Work on your mindset, fitness AND nutrition all in one course

Teach you new skills you’ve never tried

Help you build confidence

Provide you 1-1 support as you embark on this new journey

FeelGood Benefits:

If you do decide the FeelGood Momentum is right for you, here’s what you can expect:

Improved energy levels

Strategies for improved sleep

Weight management strategies

Improved self confidence

Improved life balance and control

Improved fitness, strength and mobility

Improved health and wellbeing

Improved stress management

This Is For You

If you want to improve how you feel and look but you are not sure what to do

If you need support from someone who is experienced

If you have not exercised for a long time or at all

If you have struggled to lose weight or keep it off

If you have little energy to do the things you want

If you have brain fog and cannot think clearly

If you have digestive discomfort and bloating

If you cannot move as you want to

If you are ready to explore solutions to your health and fitness problems

The Program includes:

Weekly assessment for 4 weeks

Weekly 1:1 45 min tailored coaching session

24/7 Online support and guidance

Weekly access to home or gym workouts

Private FeelGood Group Membership

Weekly accountability worksheets

Personalised mindset coaching

Personalised movement coaching

Personalised nutrition coaching

Access to events, guest speakers and videos
100% money back guarantee

Want to know more?

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Who am I and why should you listen to me? 

I am a FeelGood Coach, Personal Trainer, Epigenetics and Nutrition Coach. I have real experience of the struggles faced by women who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

As a wife and mum to two boys I know what it’s like to  divide yourself multiple different ways, while striving to find the time and energy to look after yourself as well. I also know that it IS possible to feel good, even when life circumstance threatens to derail everything.

I developed my FeelGood Challenge to help others live a healthier and happier life, in a way that is individual to them. I love helping women stay strong, beautiful and in control of their health, especially as they face the many issues associated with getting older.

It is time for a new personalised approach. Learn how to become unstoppable and finally have the focus, ability and energy to feel good for life in a way that feels right for you.

Commit to what will make you feel good and you will feel amazing!

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 My Other FeelGood Programs

There are a few ways we can work together depending on where you are at. If you are not sure what is right for you please book a 30 minute consult with me and I can recommend the best program for you.

This is NOT a cookie cutter fitness program. All my programs are highly personalised to each client and you will be working with me.

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