An affirmation of word is almost like a mantra. Affirmations can be put into 4 categories:

affirmations of word, thought, feeling and action.

The beautiful thing about affirmations is that you don’t have to actually believe them at first or if they are not actually true yet. Our mind is so powerful and will do what we tell it so by repeating an affirmation over and over again, it becomes embedded in the subconscious mind, and eventually becomes your reality (whether it is true or not).  This is also how our negative beliefs hold us stuck because we are continuously telling ourselves that thought and finding examples throughout the day to reconfirm that belief. By changing the belief and constantly repeating the new thought behaviour we can change the way we perceive and experience the world and the people in it. How powerful is that? We have the power to control everything that we experience by the meaning we give those experiences.

The affirmations you compose personally are the strongest, for they reflect what your mind actually feels. It is important that an affirmation have emotional force behind it and that it means something to you. Emotion harnesses the energy. It puts you ‘in flow’ and creates a vibration that translates into action and outcome.

The words do not really matter. It is your feelings that count!


1. Write them down.

2. Make them short, sharp and to the point.

3. Put them up on the wall somewhere you will see them.

4. Say them out loud. A real test is to say them while looking in a mirror.

5. Make a time each day when you will give them all a thorough run through, like when cleaning your teeth or getting dressed. Mine are on the mirror for that reason.

6. Share them with your friends, so that they can point out to you the times when they see you succeeding.

7. Say them in the first person. I am … I now have … I always … Mary Smith’ s … etc.

8. Always focus on the positive end result. Say affirmations as if they are already true and have already happened, not as if you want them to happen sometime in the future. And describe only what you want. For example, say “I have beautiful fingernails” rather than “I don’t bite my nails”.

9. Add heaps of emotion! Emotion adds tremendous power to your affirmations. Use words like loving, joyfully, powerfully, enthusiastically and peacefully.

10. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Repetition is the key to implanting new programs. Our minds are resistant to change and for rewiring to occur we must create new pathways. This takes effort and repetition. Remember these affirmations are an intensive advertising campaign.

11. Make sure there is a sense of balance in your affirmations. Set goals and affirmations for all areas of your life giving more emphasis to areas that need more re-writing. For example, if your belief system around money needs more positive reinforcement then some of these additional prosperity affirmations will be great to repeat throughout the day:

► Day and night I attract money and prosperity.

► I am open to receive riches and abundance.

► I am open to receive more money and success.

► There is always a surplus in my life.

► It is ok to make more money than my husband/dad.

► I am an energetic person.

► Each and every day brings fresh new opportunities.

► I accomplish more in less time than ever before.

► I am successful in everything I do.

► Automatic Wealth is mine.

► I am optimistic and filled with enthusiasm.

► My life is a reflection of my success.

► I have clear goals in mind for my life.

► I feel great about my life. I know that I am a winner.

► I am a happy person. I enjoy life. Life is good to me.

► I excel at whatever I do. I have a positive expectancy.

► I attract my share of abundance and possessions.

► Every day I achieve more and more.

► I have enough money for everything I need plus some.

Spend some time looking at your life and where you believe you are stuck. What are your beliefs around that area of your life? Where do you think those beliefs came from? What meaning did you give to the experience that caused you to create that belief? Is it true? Was it ever? Has your life and experience changed that it is no longer true? Can you rewrite the belief to give you power and control back over your life?

Get in touch with me if you would like help with this process so that you can live a life to your highest potential. The great thing is you have the power to absolutely have it all!

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