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The Denise Mokadsi Story

My name is Denise Mokadsi and I started in the Health Industry over 20 years ago.

Right now I am at a place in my life where I feel truly blessed in a world of unlimited potential but I can also tell you that it was not always like this.

I have always been relatively fit and healthy but when I started to feel that things were not 100% right I went on the messy search to find a solution.

As a former Nurse for over 15 years and Scientist I naturally started to question and evaluate certain practices, beliefs and systems.

I soon discovered that going from one “specialist” to another never really gave one person the whole picture of what was missing in order for me to feel good. I just wanted someone who could see me as a complete individual!

I began to ask: “How can we best combine the science of health with the skill of coaching to develop a collaborative, caring and trusting relationship to allow for realistic and sustainable change to feel good for life?”


My FeelGood Mission

My mission is to have a profound impact on women’s lives, how they feel about themselves, their fitness journey and their potential, all in a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment.

A Route of Discovery…


In 2016 when my youngest son was diagnosed with a painful and restrictive condition, known as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), I set out on a route of discovery that would change how I viewed health.

As a mother we wish only the best for our children and I was swimming in guilt. How could I have prevented that from happening? What could I have done differently to have allowed him to avoid that situation altogether?

This is what I discovered:

There are many factors that influence our lives and our health

Most health programs focus on solutions AFTER the occurrence of symptoms instead of prevention

The standard approach to health and fitness MUST change so people feel empowered to achieve their health and fitness goals

It is possible to easily free ourselves from unnecessary pain and suffering

It is never too late to live the life of vibrancy and joy that we were meant to live

I made the decision to create a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness.

Then something amazing happened!

I began coaching my clients with a focus on optimising energy by balancing physiology and psychology and they were able to release what was holding them back.

This led me to the creation of my holistic personalised program which has become the FeelGood 12 Week Challenge.

This Challenge has allowed me to channel my passion for helping others feel good into an effective results-driven approach to the health challenges affecting all of us, especially as we age.

It’s all about YOU and the life YOU want for YOURself, the life YOU deserve.

It’s about understanding the whole person as the combined sum of the individual parts, blending psychology and physiology to achieve vibrancy and joy, health and happiness.


“My passion is to educate people on ways to improve their energy and wellbeing so they can then teach those around them to do the same to avoid disease and illness. I want to really help people find happiness and balance in their busy and somewhat stressed lives.”


Why should you listen to me?

I have over 20 years in the Health Industry

Bachelor of Nursing (Neonatal Intensive Care)

Bachelor Science (Physiology major)

Certificate 3 and 4 Fitness

Fitness Australia Registered

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach

Metafit (HIIT) Coach

Boxing Coach

CPR and First Aid Qualified

My Values

People first. 

I am an experienced trainer who really cares about you and what is important to you. Respect, personalisation, honesty and integrity are high on my list of values.

Deliver quality. 

I thoroughly plan and organise effective sessions that are structured to keep you motivated, challenged and successful in achieving the goals you set, prioritising what is best for you.


Nobody has time to invest in things that don’t work. I go the extra mile to find the commitment that you need to be successful.

Share the fun.

Feeling energized brings so much happiness that it can’t be anything but fun! I love helping people find fun in fitness and health.

My aim is to help you create the energy you need to do ALL the things you enjoy, in a body you LOVE to FeelGood for life!

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My clients regularly achieve major improvements in energy levels, body shape and an overall zest for life they never thought possible.

“The amount of knowledge and skills I have gained since doing the FeelGood Program has been really unexpected! I thought the program might be like all the other “cookie cutter” programs out there but it was completely the opposite...”

Lynne M.

“I feel like a new woman with so much more energy that I never thought possible. The skills I have learned during the program have helped me stay healthy and in charge of my eating habits even after finishing the program. It has been a very worthwhile experience!” 


“Since finishing the FeelGood Challenge I am much more aware of what I am eating and I feel myself looking forward to eating good food. The best thing is I have made the commitment to myself and enjoyed the journey with an awesome person, YOU, to work with me...


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