There is no way around it, we need to move every day if we want to be healthy, but I know it can take energy and in winter it can definitely take more motivation.

Just getting started, by using a little bit of energy, gives us lots of energy back and also creates the momentum and motivation to keep going – so the odds are in our favour if we invest a little bit of time and effort.

Choose any activity you like, just get moving, and if you are doing it outside you will get the added benefit of a helpful dose of Vitamin D while also enjoying the calming and grounding benefits of nature.

Here are 8 great benefits of moving your body daily especially during the colder months:

  1. Boost your immune function by moving lymph and immune cells around the body so they can more easily get to where they might be needed to fight possible pathogens.
  2. Increase blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells throughout your body to improve energy production.
  3. Improve the way your body removes toxins (through the skin, lungs, bowel and kidneys) to decrease inflammation.
  4. Increase heat production to keep you warm.
  5. Improve sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity to improve metabolic function.
  6. Improve body composition and fitness levels to look and feel good.
  7. Improve your mood:)
  8. Improve your sleep which improves a whole host of other important functions of the body.

Now just go and do it! 🙂

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