While many of us have most likely incorporated some new ways of adapting to this pandemic way of life, it is only natural that we start to feel tired and anxious due to the uncertainty that it brings.

From my conversations with others, it seems many of us are in the same boat, with these feelings being compounded by the constant restrictions and changes to our normal way of functioning.

I don’t know about you but with every lockdown I seem to feel more and more exhausted. Pandemic fatigue is real but there are things we can do to help get us out of a rut.

I wanted to share with you the 5 things I have been doing to help beat covid-19 burnout.

1. Morning gratitude practice

I get that when it feels like there is a lot of negativity around it may be hard to find things to be grateful for BUT there is always something. Whatever we bring our focus and attention to is what our brain continues to see more of. Noticing the good things in your life doesn’t have to take long. I set 5 minutes aside in the morning to recognise as many things as I can be grateful for and write them down to really bring them front of mind. Starting the day this way, for me, puts me in good mood right from the start and helps to frame how I see the rest of the day.

2. Establish simple daily routines

Lockdown dramatically changes my daily routine, so I find ways to keep some things as predictable and reliable as possible. Having more time on my hands has allowed me to replace my work schedule with early morning walks. This has helped to keep some normalcy and keeps me moving my body in the morning. Getting fresh air, instead of working out in the gym, has had a positive effect on my deep breathing practice and appreciation for nature, in addition, bringing the kids along before a day of home schooling has seen benefits in their concentration levels too!

3. Mindful eating practices

Nourishing our bodies with the right nutrients to help support our immunity and energy levels is always important but especially now. Taking time to think about what I am putting into my body, while not exercising at my usual level, is having a positive effect on managing my weight. During stressful times it is natural to look to foods which provide instant pleasure, however over-indulging in these types of foods (which are usually destructive in the long run) is not going to be helpful. Instead, listening to my body’s hunger and satiety cues, as well as my emotional cravings, helps me be more conscious in my decision making.

4. Schedule safe social connection

While social contact is restricted, we can still remain socially connected to family and friends by talking to them, and seeing them through face time, to feel less isolated. You may like to set aside a designated time to stay regularly in touch.

5. Focus on what you can do

It is important to follow the rules and regulations to ensure that we all stay safe and can get back to a normal way of life as quickly as possible. You can contribute to getting your life back to normal by focusing on all the things you can control instead of those things that you can’t.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Together we are stronger. We will get through this. Life is still good.



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